Welcome to The George & Vulture

Genuine Beer Passion Since 1870

serving only the finest sourdough pizzas, delectable beers, fine whiskey, Sunday roasts and a SODO kitchen residency.


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" On the corner of Pitfield and Haberdasher Streets, the George & Vulture's a very different beast — a big, high-ceilinged building with as much emphasis on whisky as craft beer. "


- The Londonist

" Holed up within grandiose George & Vulture boozer in Hoxton (famous as the ‘tallest pub in London’), this branch of the Sodo mini chain is all about pizza."

- Time Out


About us

With a penchant for tradition and an eye for progression, we pride ourselves on the quality measure of our humble Hoxton establishment. 


 We boast to be the tallest pub in London - since 1870 - and grandeur runs through our veins like the beer from our taps.


We have seen the changing face of the East, but we are adamant to stick to what we know best: serving only the finest sourdough pizzas, delectable beers, fine whiskey and a SoDo kitchen residency.

We are open everyday 

12:00 to 22:00

63 Pitfield Street, London, N1 6BU


+44207 253 3988


What's On?





Choose from a great selection of freshly prepared roasts including our 28 day matured beef, British pork loin, corn-fed roast chicken or a vegetarian nut loaf made with roasted peanuts, walnuts, rolled oats, sweetened cranberries and spices.



Gin Collection